RAMSEY BEYER is coming to TCAF!

"Ramsey Beyer is a comic book artist, zine maker, and nanny in Philadelphia, PA. She just self-published her first book, Year One, in 2012 and has been self-publishing her zine, List, since 2003…" - Full Bio at TCAF site

Artist’s Website: http://www.everydaypants.com/

TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place May 11-12, 2013, in Toronto, Canada. More at http://torontocomics.com/

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    another rad formerly from baltimore artist!
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    I totally relate to a few of those panels… “Lose momentum for a few months…”
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    If you are going to TCAF, I hate you out of jealousy.
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    Hey y’all! I’ll be tabling in Toronto this weekend for TCAF. Liz Prince and I will be sharing a table again, so come say...
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