JIM RUGG is coming to TCAF!

Jim Rugg and Adhouse Books debut SUPERMAG at this year’s Festival.

SUPERMAG is Jim Rugg’s latest print project… a glossy, magazine-format collection of “narrative collapse.” It showcases his interests in genre, irreverent humor, graphic design, drawing, and typography…” - Full book info at TCAF site

"Jim Rugg is the co-creator of Afrodisiac, Street Angel, the PLAIN Janes, and USApe…" - Full Bio at TCAF site

Artist’s Website: http://jimrugg.com/

Publisher’s Website: http://www.adhousebooks.com/

TCAF is The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, taking place May 11-12, 2013, in Toronto, Canada. More at http://torontocomics.com/

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